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Menopause and Yeast Infections-Good tips to know

The way that medical professionals term yeast infections is called vaginitis. The symptoms are
most uncomfortable. They are itching, burning, painful urination, and what is really uncomfortable
is painful intercourse. This is one of the most common vaginal infections for women to have.

When you are going through the stages of menopause the experience of vaginal dryness raises
the bar for getting a yeast infection.

Having a yeast infection with menopause or without can be very debilitating but especially
when you are trying to cope with all of the other symptoms of menopause.

These are some simple tips for yeast infection with menopause.

•Wear cotton underwear (no thongs, silk, or other)
•Use proper hygiene after the use of the restroom
•Take cool baths
•Use a prescribed cream
•Use a douching method (preferably water, nothing with any chemicals or fragrance.)
•Eat yogurt
•Lessen your sugar intake

Here is a home remedy tip that can be helpful if you are trying to deal with your yeast
infection the natural way and with low expense. When using a douching method buy a quart
of buttermilk from you local supermarket, fill your douche bag with buttermilk and complete
your douche as normal. Also when you just need to do a douche without a yeast infection
use plain water oppose to buying any of the over the counter products. Keep in mind that
water is a neutralizer in itself

**There is much more information in great details here.

These tips and the added information from the source will give you a complete guide as
to how to cope with not only your menopause but your yeast infection as well.

Thank you for reading and visiting. I would love to read your comments,
questions or suggestions below this post.

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“Be Comfortable”

Ann Moses

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Comment by Ann Moses on August 31, 2013 at 4:38pm

Having a yeast infection with menopause is no joke!

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