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I want to introduce me self.
I'm Gerrit Tienkamp (Nickname Peter.bkk) a Dutchmen.
Born in Eindhoven / The Netherlands.
Living for many years in Asia. (Thailand & Cambodia)
Living before in the center of the Netherlands ("Rhenoy-Betuwe")
I'am the most "Social Guy" of the planet, but been used in 2012 Chalong / Phuket by a Fake Facebook / Xeeme Member.
I'm 64 years old and see the bottom and the top.
But want share me knowledge.
Many people spend yearly many dollars on SEO, but there many ways you can do easily be your self. Life is not only money !
Connections give more value.
I building Social Media Networks (packets) and bring provable people and companies to the top.

I help also poor People in Cambodia to create Work for a Living.
After 22-10-2012 I'm back in Bangkok, and with good friends I restart my destroyed business's and Social Media accounts.
I thanks all me real friends to help to recover me life !
I'm back on Business and be stronger then before !
To connect me on Skype > siamtrading2004

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