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Monique Williams
  • Sydney, Australia
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Profile Information

Sydney, Australia
Creating Divine Success - I aim to support your journey towards money, entrepreneurship, and a deeper connection to God & Soul
Business Summary or Self Description
Monique’s Vision
Monique’s ultimate vision and calling is to help people start, run and expand their businesses; using their own innate intuition to achieve Divine success

Entrepenuer… Are You Ready To Create Success The Divine Way?

Monique’s Personal Journey

Find out how Monique’s personal evolution can help you turn your dreams into reality! After creating the space for personal growth, Monique met her calling and turned it into a thriving business…

A conscious, personal evolution is about bringing joy and contentment to your life. It’s the journey of life, through which there is an identifiable point when you allow conscious change to manifest and to lead you toward a happier, more fulfilled life.

What are your dreams? Everyone has unique dreams for happiness and contentment. For Monique, happiness is about personal freedom and helping others. Monique always dreamed of working barefoot in her home, but like most of us, she wasn’t sure how to make her dream a reality.





After five years of working as a legal assistant, Monique was bored, frustrated and unfulfilled. She felt compelled to do something more. She knew her calling was out there; she just wasn’t sure where.

Monique had always been drawn to writing, so in 2000, Monique took a courageous chance. She moved back home and decided to study creative writing full-time.

A New Direction

While writing stories, assignments and exams, Monique felt compelled to help people. She knew she could do this with words, but she wasn’t sure how. She realized her desire to write, had a much deeper calling. She knew what she had to do, but her vision was not yet clear enough to take action. Trusting her instincts, she made the  decision to leave herself open, knowing full well the vision would manifest at the right time.

Once you make the conscious decision to allow your life purpose to manifest, an awakening takes place. For Monique, that moment was earth-shaking. In 2002, Monique experienced a sense of wonder and genuine awe when unbeknownst to her, physic senses began to open up.

One day, amid a break-up, she felt her deceased aunty sitting beside her. She felt a sense of love and comfort emanating from her aunty’s presence. It was a surreal moment, not because Monique could suddenly speak to dead people, but because it felt so normal.

Trusting her instincts, as conversations with her aunty began to grow, Monique felt there was an importance in developing these skills even further. Again, God manifests purpose into our lives at the moment we are ready for it. Monique was ready for it, but having no idea where to begin, she put it aside for a time.

After finishing university, she moved back to Sydney, and was offered a freelance writing job through one of her flatmates. Freelance writing afforded her the opportunity to interview many people, each with diverse backgrounds and specializations. One afternoon, Monique was assigned to interview a psychic healer, who quickly became her psychic-teacher! There are no coincidences in life, only synchronicities. The right people come into our lives, sometimes unexpectedly, allowing us to learn lessons.

The “Awakening”

Within a few short months of meeting her psychic teacher, Monique had learned she had the ability to do a full psychic reading, share spiritual healing and channel spirit-beings. It was a full-force psychic awakening! She realized very quickly this was her pathway helping others through her writing. The more healing work she did, the more she began to see what others needed to know most. To her surprise, she was instantaneously prolific. Being open to what God had planned for her, a plethora of book and course ideas began flowing to her, through her, and right onto the page.

A world of possibilities and potentialities had suddenly manifested. Her vision was clear.

Monique knew that while her purpose was to help others, it was also about her own personal, spiritual and financial evolution.



Her new awareness led her to see that her part-time marketing and administrative work, and many of her current friendships and professional relationships weren’t serving her. She realized that keeping positive people in her life and surrounding herself with like-minded individuals was one part of the key to helping others.

She was directly guided to let go of some of her oldest friendships, develop her writing skills through more contract writing work, and to eventually start her own healing business. In doing so, she became even more aware of people’s needs.

Monique knew what she had to do. She opened her first online healing center. She offered spiritual healing, channeled readings and self-development course material.  Her connection to spirit provided a voice through which her work could become deeply healing and guiding for others.

Where to Now?

Since that first business began she has been guided to open her spiritual mind to business owners more specifically, and to directly help entrepreneurs to follow the journey that she herself has taken. From that space of knowing there was more to life, through a personal evolution and into a thriving successful business.

Monique has now opened up her core practice to teachings on spiritual and personal development for entrepreneurs, the energy of money, intuitive business building and more.

All of Monique’s writing, programs and books help you create divine success – connecting the mind with the depth of the soul and creating personal and business success.

Phone Coaching With Monique…

Is your business thriving or ‘surviving’? Are you ready to take it to the next level? Are you ready for the success you deserve?

Monique’s phone coaching offers intuitive guidance providing you the ability to create your own success today!

Welcome friend!

Imagine success right now. Close your eyes and think about it for a minute. Allow yourself to daydream about what success means to you. Now, in this ideal world, how do you feel? How do you work? What do you do? Do you work part-time, full-time, at night, on the beach, in your pajamas?

The options are endless, and very personal. The point is, no matter what your ideal scenario, you have the innate power to make it happen. The Divine Success Principles I offer via phone coaching help you turn your ideal success into your actual reality.

I will help you see what lies ahead, discover your purpose, anchor your calling, clarify meaning and help you expand into your successful self. Success is within you. You didn’t start a business because you thought you would fail… right?! You want success, and why shouldn’t you? You deserve it. It is your Divine right.

Why Phone Coaching for Business and Soul?

  • Do you want a constant connection to your innate intuitive and mystical power, so that you can receive guidance for yourself and your business?
  • Are you ready to receive more money? The sky is the limit.
  • Do you seek a deeper understanding of your business and what it wants from you?
  • Do you want the know-how to stay ahead, emotionally, physically and financially when you are building a business?

We can’t always do it alone!

I would not have found my way to success without the help of some wonderful coaches; and today, I am blessed to help others in the same way.

Phone coaching focuses on spiritual-personal development and creating business know-how. It aims to help you start or expand your business, increase your income and to awaken you to the power within!

Contact Us

I am located in Sydney, Australia. All coaching is provided by phone, and all courses are provided online – ensuring that these entrepreneurial services are accessible anywhere in the world.

Office hours are Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm (AEST)

Phone: +61 2 8006 2570 or visit my websiteitbegin_of_the_skype_highlightingor visitor


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