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Author Pat Brannon


Like many other dynamic artists and communicators, author Pat Brannon draws from
a wealth of life experiences to render her finest work, and readers of all ages
respond to her entertaining, thought-provoking children's books, inspirational poetry and memoiristic nonfiction with open arms.

In addition to the values and work ethic that were instilled in her, Brannon vividly recalls a childhood during which her creativity was both embraced and nurtured. At the age of nine, Brannon was about to board a school bus for her morning ride to school when her father, Ben Baker, handed her a country song he had begun writing, and asked her to pen an additional verse.

"While co-writing that song with Daddy sparked a love of writing in me," Brannon says, "it wasn't until after I grew up, got married, raised my sons, Jason and Shawn, and eventually quit working in the school system that I began to have the time to really concentrate on my writing. All through the years I had kept writing, but it was just a hobby. At that point I had never considered doing anything on a professional level with my writing. It was purely for my own enjoyment."

Brannon released her first book, Walk Softly: You're Steppin' on My Heart!, in 2002. But it is Brannon's first children's title, Filthy Farley O'Charlie McBarley, that inspired
the character education program she presents to schools every year.

The author calls this book published in 2007, "a fictional chapter book about a
third grader being bullied and belittled by some of his classmates and what it
takes to turn their thinking around."

Based on this book, Brannon says,
"I wrote a character education presentation (monologue in character) that
addresses the issues of bullying, lying, cursing, name-calling, dishonesty,
gossiping and judging folks by their outward appearance and body odor. I visit
many schools every year with this presentation. It's been a big hit with the
students and staff at every school I've visited."

Brannon says,
"There are millions of folks around the world that need to laugh and to feel
that there is hope when it looks like there isn't any. I want to be someone that
makes a difference in the lives of people." Acknowledging that success is often
measured in dollars and cents, Brannon insists, "While I would never turn down
huge advances or royalty checks from publishers, my view of success may be
slightly different than some other writers. I feel I am successful if I have
touched lives with my writing, from the youngest child to the oldest adult. And
I want to make both little children and adults laugh again, even if it is
through some unconventional book I've written."


The poetry in Walk Softly (You're Steppin' On My Heart!) lifts you from the
ground, gives you wings and makes you feel like you're in another world
and then very softly brings you back to earth. This easy-to-read book
reaches out to everyone with a touch of comfort, pleasure and a laugh
when everyday situations are brilliantly illustrated with
words from a Christian perspective.
A book you need to have more than one of so you can give away a copy to
a loved one you want to bless with this touch of heart.

Reprinted December 2011.

Buy Here.

How would you like it if you were bullied and belittled daily by your fellow
third grade classmates because of the way you look and smell? I’m
guessing you wouldn’t like it. Well, neither does Farley O’Charlie
McBarley. Studying hard, making good grades and being an honest person
isn’t enough in the eyes of Farley’s classmates. Most of the kids in
Farley’s class spend so much time making fun of his unkempt appearance
and playing awful tricks on him that they don’t get to know the real
Farley. Little do they know, Farley is much more than just another dirty
little boy. He’s kind, big-hearted, and the sort of friend anyone would
be lucky to have. Sound like the kind of boy you’d like to meet? Great.
Just take a deep breath, hold your nose, and join Farley’s classmates as
they learn what kind of boy Farley really is.

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Margaret Ann Mumford, thinking it would be just another ordinary day at school,
had no idea what awaited her and the rest of the third grade classes in
the cafeteria at lunchtime. Did someone say food fight? Students,
teachers and guests getting plastered by food in the school cafeteria?
When is somebody, anybody, going to step up and be a leader instead of a
follower? How do you tell Mom and Dad that you took part in the food
fight? Will the punishment fit the crime? Did somebody say punishment?

*Available on Kindle!

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*Check out the (5) star reviews that QKZ is getting.

Have you ever been to a zoo where the elephants and ants play leap frog
together and the zebras cook burgers and fries? What about goldfish
playing guitars and goats washing the visitors’ cars? I’m assuming
you’ve never seen tigers jump rope or a polar bear wear pink tennis
shoes? Of course you haven’t because there is only one zoo where animals
behave this way-the Quirky Kids’ Zoo. Did I mention the gopher races and
the giraffes playing hopscotch? Guess not. Well, some things you’ll just
have to see for yourself. So, grab Mom and Dad and jump in the car and
head over to the Quirky Kids’ Zoo for an adventure you won’t soon

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Remember the good ol' days when things were simple, sweet tea was the drink of
choice and small-town America was the place you called home?

Mud Puddles and Muscadines is a heartwarming and sometimes humorous
collection of Southern anecdotes about growing up and experiencing life
in rural Arkansas. Take a trip back through the years and see what
childhood was like for a simple country girl.

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"Has A Donkey Ever Brought You Breakfast In Bed?"
It's not unusual to see a gorilla beating its chest at the zoo, but it
is unusual to see it boxing with a moquito. You've probably seen camels
walking through the desert on television, but I bet you've never seen
them in a bowling league at the bowling alley. I'm sure you've seen
chicken strut around in the chicken pen from time to time, but I bet

you've never seen a sunburned chicken. Kangaroos are fun animals that
normally hop all over the place, but I'm sure that you've never seen
them hop on someone's head. Just like humans, animals sometimes do
strange and unexpected things. Step inside this book of wonders and
enjoy the animals that are sure to capture your attention.

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"TheYear Santa Refused To Wear Red" The Year Santa Refused To Wear Red is a humorous look at
what happens when Jolly Old Saint Nick decides to make a drastic change to his wardrobe. Also includes the Nativity Story, The Sound of Hope, which recounts the birth of Christ from a donkey's point of view.

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"Snowman War"
The Frost Family and The Winter Clan have feuded for as long as anyone in the town of December can remember. But when one of the Frost sons plays a prank on the Winters, the feud turns into an all-out war. Both sides prepare for a massive showdown in the center of town where snowman will face snowman in a war the likes of which December has never seen.

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